“Look its that tuju-tuju, oh no…it entered Mak Chu’s bedroom.”

Despite many of my readers do not believe in the existence of ghosts or evil spirits, my blog statistic reveals that the blogpost of Creepy Tales of Muar Town received the most viewers. Looks like many people enjoy reading ghost stories irrespective of their beliefs in the world of the unseen. In this article I will like to elaborate on the mysterious tuju-tuju and it is even more spooky that you can ever imagine. This is a true story, witnessed by my three elder cousins Kak Shidah, Kak Arah, Kak Fuzi and me. Many more who witnessed this frightful event have left this world, but the four of us are still living to testify. All names mentioned in this event are the names belonging to the real person except for one person and at the end of this story, you can easily guess which of this person carry a fictitious name.

I honestly can’t remember the year but I am most certain it happened before the arrival of 1960 and so it could be in 1959 when I was eleven years old, maybe.

It had been the norm among the four of us to sit at our tembok after dinner. My three elder cousins lived right next door, just a few steps away from their grandparents’ house, the house I stayed. We were very close and I have always treated them as my elder sisters. That night it was quite dark, a moonless night except for some glittering of the distant stars sometime hidden by the slow moving clouds. For the past few nights we had been targeting every moving tuju tujus and ‘detonated’ them by the mere mention of its name. Tonight we wanted to do the same and waited as late as eleven o’clock. All of us attended the afternoon class and so it was quite alright to stay a little bit late particularly on this night which was a Thursday night, a night considered propitious by the elders. Tomorrow would be a Friday, the weekend of Johorians of my time.

As we were talking, our eyes kept gazing at the night sky hoping to ‘detonate’ these evil works but so far none was at sight. Beside our grandparents’ house was a no man’s land with two tall durian trees, three mango trees and some bushes.The site itself was always eerie at night frequently visited by owls and even some strange looking reptiles. It was almost midnight when suddenly we saw a flash of lights flying below the durian trees and as it reached the window it burst and dispersed. The four of us were speechless but we had the same thought, that was a tuju tuju and it had just entered our grandparents’ house. We were extremely surprised how it could divert our attention and managed to sneak and passed through our sights. We wasted no time and ran as fast as we could to our bedrooms. The three sisters ran to their house while I ran straight to grandma’s bedroom and hid under the blanket.

We had an uncle named Mahmood whom we called Wak Mod and he had just returned from Australia for good. A good looking lad in his early twenties and crazed by many young girls. Wak Mod had a younger sister named Fatimah and because she was the last woman siblings, we called her Mak Chu. Apparently Mak Chu had a close friend named Salmah who would frequently pay her a visit and sometime grandma would invite her for lunch. That night Wak Mod whose bedroom was right beside Mak Chu’s was away in Kuala Lumpur.

The next morning after that frightful night, after taking my bath and subsequently my breakfast, I went straight next door looking for my three elder cousins. The four of us began our ‘meeting’ and discussed what we saw last night. Hardly few minutes later, grandma came out from the house shouting for Mak Pon ( the mother of the three sisters). It seemed that Mak Chu was hysterical in her room alone and she refused to unlock the door. All of us ran back to our grandparents’ house and followed grandma upstairs. Grandpa was at the door knocking and pleading for Mak Chu to open her bedroom door. It took quite sometime before she finally opened the door but when we all saw her, we were absolutely sure that was not our auntie. She just stood there with her eyes reddish in colour and her face harsh and unpleasant. Grandpa asked her whether was there anything wrong with her? She answered back rudely and her voice husky saying to leave her alone and not to disturb her. She then slammed the door and continued to be hysteric.

Mak Chu had always been a jovial young lady and always with a smiling face. That morning her appearance was a great contrast and both grandpa and grandma knew that she was possessed and we needed a medium to assist. Inside the room Mak Chu began to cry and was asking for Salmah. No one could help her as she refused to open the door and kept on crying while mentioning Salmah’s name repeatedly. Kak Shidah immediately told grandma about last night’s incident and the three of us nodded in agreement. She knew now that this was the works of the tuju tuju but who on earth could have done such an evil thing to an innocent young lady who hardly leaves the house?

The whole day Mak Chu kept herself confined in her room and occasionally we could hear her crying, sometime laughing but what made it even more bewildering was her repeated call for Salmah. The medium was an old woman who arrived riding a beca at around five in the evening. As she entered the house, we suddenly heard Mak Chu’s crying became more louder but the old lady did not seem the least disturbed and proceeded upstairs to Mak Chu’s room accompanied by grandma. I was immediately behind grandma and the three sisters followed behind. The old lady told Grandma that Mak Chu was indeed being possessed and she needed a stronger person with spiritual knowledge of the unseen world to enable the jin returning to its master. The lady conversed with Mak Chu in between the door and asked her why did she had wanted Salmah but received no answer? The lady then apologized and insisted that a stronger medium be called immediately as this evil works could be pernicious as well as deadly. However, since it was too late to find such a person, the old lady volunteered to stay overnight just in case Mak Chu turned violent. In the meantime efforts to look for another medium began with grandpa taking the lead. That night, nothing serious happened but very often we could hear Mak Chu’s crying.

After we had our breakfast the next day, another medium also a lady came. After hearing some briefing by both grandma and the first medium, she immediately went to the door of Mak Chu’s room. She began her chanting of some Quranic verses and after few minutes the door opened with Mak Chu starring at her. The medium pushed Mak Chu inside and she followed looking aggressively towards Mak Chu’s eyes. The first medium followed behind to assist. By now Mak Chu had turned ugly and her face looked terribly wicked. All of us were outside sneaking at the door with great fright. Then they closed the door and we saw nothing except some dredful conversations could be heard. Half an hour later, the door was opened and both the mediums came out holding Mak Chu who looked weary.

According to these mediums, Mak Chu was the wrong target. Someone had wanted to charm Wak Mod instead but because he was not at home when the tuju tuju came, the jin looked for the nearest person available and in this case it was Mak Chu. The person who did this was then confirmed as Salmah. It was during their conversation with Mak Chu that Salmah’s name was mentioned. It seemed that she had some hidden passion for Wak Mod but was too shy to confess. The two mediums left with a caution, that if ever Mak Chu kept on longing for Salmah, then she had to be brought to the house to see Mak Chu.

For the next few days, Mak Chu seemed alright but as we had suspected, she kept on asking to see Salmah. By now Wak Mod had returned home and when he heard of the incident, he went to look for Salmah and managed to bring her home to see Mak Chu. It was indeed awkward to see Mak Chu immediately ran towards Salmah the moment she saw her and held her tightly pleading with her not to leave her alone.

Salmah later confessed her wrong doing and apologized. She left us feeling ashamed and since then we had not heard from her. Wak Chu’s condition began to turn normal and was soon healed.

I am an ordinary person faced with extraordinary circumstances. How could I evade such paranormal happening when it was displayed right before my very eyes? This story contains eyewitnesses who can vouch its truth. It pose many of the questions humanity has struggled with through the ages. I have experienced some other creepy events far more worse than this but for the time being let this creepy tale be a part of my small experience in a town called Muar.

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  1. Sheryl Lau says:

    Salmah carries a fictitious name

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