On the 2nd November 2016 I paid Muar’s District Officer, Tuan Hj. Ramlee A.Rahman, a visit at his office to extend to him my two books as a gift. During our brief meeting, Tuan Hj. Ramlee asked me why aren’t my two books sold in Muar town? Some Muarians who wish to read my books find difficulty in getting  them in any  bookstore of Muar town.

As a matter of fact, there isn’t any of my books sold in Muar town. My publisher Kalsom Taib Publishing made no attempt to promote my books in the town I was born.

It is rather peculiar not to find these two books in a town that provides much of its settings as described in the two books.

It was at this juncture of our conversation that Tuan Hj. Ramlee suggested to me that another launch of my books should be held in town and he offered the official residence of the District Officer as the site of the launch. After a brief discussion, we both agreed to have a second launch of my two books in the town I was born and raised.

The District Officer of Muar is a very senior post and it has been a tradition that those having serviced the Muar district as its District Officer will eventually rise to become the State Secretary of Johor State.

The official residence of the District Officer is situated at the mouth of the Muar River. It was built even before I was born in 1949. At the rear part of the residence is the Muar River and in the evening one can clearly see the sun set at the western horizon.

It is my honour to invite Muarians to the launch to be held as follows:

Date of launch   : 19th November 2016 (Saturday)

Place                    : Official residence of the District Officer at Tanjung Emas.

Time                    : 10.00am

Lunch will be served accompanied by a Ghazal performance.

To all Muarians who live outside the district, jom balek kampung.


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