When I started to blog about my growing years in the town I love, it was done to bring back those wonderful memories that time had given me. Those wonderful years are gone but the memories will linger on, reluctant to leave my faculty of thoughts. Some of my contemporaries have passed on bringing with them into oblivion those precious moments that should have been shared. I have my fair share of those memories and I will not let those memories fade away and rot with the passing of time. We can’t rewind the clock to visit the past but we can visit the past by unveiling them from our memory bank and that was what I did in January 2013.

Since then my blog had been visited by many readers not only from Malaysia but  throughout the world. I reckon those from abroad must be mostly Muarians who must have missed home greatly.

On the 24th November 2014, I launched my first book carrying the same title “Pages From My Past” reminiscences of my early years in Muar town; a collection of 40 stories taken from this blog. Although there wasn’t much promotion done, the response I received was something I had never expected. Most of my readers enjoyed reading my stories which obviously gave me great satisfaction. Maybe it is good to recollect those wonderful years when time took longer to last. As Tan Sri Johan Jaaffar said, “When we reminisce, life feels more meaningful.

On the 16th October I launched my second book “More Pages From My Past” and again it was well received and obviously mostly from Muarians. Since then I have been receiving messages from people thanking me for the effort I took. Let me share with you some of the messages I had received so far.

Dear Encik Kamaruddin. My daughter found your book at the MPH bookstore and bought it for me as I am from Muar. I did not read the book not after more than a month after receiving it from my daughter. When I started reading the book, I could not stop and kept on reading until I noticed it was almost 2.00 am. Thank you for such a wonderful book and I truly enjoyed reading it. (Muhamad Salam Omar).

I am halfway reading your book and I must say it’s funny and entertaining. I m enjoying it. Although I am not from Muar, I can visualize wat you wrote. For someone who never had any training in writing you sure did a wonderful job. (Rahmah)

When I read your book I laughed and I laughed and I laughed till the end. It is so funny but I guess it must be the truth as I experienced them myself when I was growing. Your book is so entertaining. You should continue with a second book. (No name was given).

Dear Kamaruddin. I m not from Muar but your stories bring back my own memories. I told my children to read your book because the stories are similar to mine when I was growing. Children these days must know how people like us grew up. (Lee Kok Chai)

For the young, it should be a postcard of the past written with passion and conviction by someone who cherish the great days that were. And in no ordinary town- in Muar no less, the town that meant a lot to Din, to me and many hardcore Muarians of our generation. (Tan Sri Johan Jaaffar)

Please keep writing. I love reading your stories. (Tan Sri Arshad Ayub).

To me, the fact that it is told not in the detached dispassionate tone of an academic scribbler but through the personalized flesh and blood voice of her very own son, increases its value-it makes it far more real. Additionally, though ‘Pages From My Past ‘ is ultimately the personal story of Kamaruddin Abdullah, nonetheless, in another sense it is also the story of the Muar generation that he belongs to. So for that we have to thank you Din- in recounting your story, you have in a way , also told ours. (Prof. Malek Munip)

Good morning Sir. I am very interested to purchase the books you are offering for sale as I am also a Muarian. I think you have done a very good job highlighting muar history. (Baljit Singh).

Thank you to all you readers for the many messages that I have received. You give me the strength and encouragement to keep on writing about the good old days of growing up.

I am coming up with a third book “The Ultimate-Pages From My Past” to include many more untold stories that must be shared. Stories that please the mind and warmth the heart.

To Muarians who may want to share their stories, please write to me ( and let us share these wonderful moments that we once cherished to others.



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  1. Steven says:

    My dad is from Muar too, and he used to tell me stories about Muar, from a Chinese boy’s perspective. I wonder if i can get him to start a blog or to publish his version Muar life.

    • Hi Steven. It is most encouraged that your father should write about his early life in Muar. It depends very much from which part of Muar was he raised, his neighbourhood, the friends he mixed with, the school he attended to..

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