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Born on April 15, 1949. Raised and grew in Muar town until the age of 18. Began schooling at the Sekolah Bandar Maharani in 1956 and later at the Sekolah Ismail School Two. Continued secondary schooling at the Muar High School until Form Five in 1967.Keep in touch at my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/kamaruddin.abdullah.31 email address: kamabdullah49@gmail.com


32 Responses to About Me

  1. Halida De Ste Croix says:

    I’m your no 1 fan from England, UK

  2. pelapis says:

    Salam Pak Din,
    I was born in 1965. Stumbled on yr blog upon searching for cinema in Muar. Most of my relatives are Muarians esp at Prt Sakai Darat. Fortunately married a Muarian girl from Sg Terap.

    I spent 6 months in SMS Muar doing TOEFL and infact we were the first batch that experiencing “hantu kum-kum”.

    I can relate to some of your writings and do appreciate them….

    Keep on writings and who know i might “steal” some of your idea since i used to write during my college days voluntarily….. self-published newsletters!

    • Salam Pelapis,

      Happy reading and write your part of your experience in Bandar Muo soon. Satu kesinambunagn untuk anak anak muda sekarang supaya memahami kehidupan tok tok dan bapak bapak mereka dahulu.

  3. arinah says:

    Salam pak din!
    I just got to know about your blog from NST! Muar is my kampung and I’ve always love spending my time there- mingling around with my relatives and eat satay! Wonder if we’re even cousins by any chance. My dad grew up in Lorong Ahmad- a kampung in the heart of the town. He loves to tell stories about his childhood just like you 😀 keep up the good work!

  4. Zarina Jaafar says:

    Hi Uncle. Can I call you Uncle? I really enjoy reading your articles. I can relate cos my dad is a Muarian and that’s where we balik kampung everytime raya or any other holidays. My arwah Atok Mat, Ahmad Ariffin was an architect in Muar and so is my father, Jaafar Ahmad, a.k.a Jaafar Beatle. I never knew that he was with The Kool Kats until i read your article. hahaha so funny, abah. He always mention he was in a band and he was a drummer back then in Muar. And i was wondering why are my dad’s old friends keep calling him Jaafar Beatle. My mom said he still maintain his haircut style daru dulu sampai sekarang. 🙂 My uncle used to say, kalau sebut Jakpor je orang tak kenal. Kena sebut Jakpor Beatle, ha, baru ramai orang kenal. My Abah is a very much a music lover. When i was little, our house is never quite. One LP after another just blasted away during day time. Nowadays, when there is Pop Yeh Yeh scene on TV, he would be glued depan TV and my mom would warn us.. ‘Jangan tukar cerita lain..” hehe.. I just learnt about your book. I will definitly get a copy for him. It’s good if you guys could catch up. My Abah must be missing his old days too.. Thank you, Uncle, for all the articles. A good read indeed.

    • Hi Zarina. I am glad you like reading the articles. Your dad is famous as Jaafar Beatle because his hair style was like Ringo Starr, the drummer of the Beatles. During our younger days, your dad would be at Tanjung enjoying with all of us and we would ‘kacau’ all the girls passing by. That was such a good and memorable time. I miss those days. Please kirim salam to your dad.

  5. S L says:

    My father taught in High School Muar. His name was Sng Boon Kui.

  6. Hilman Shah b. Zainal Abidin says:

    Hi uncle, my name is Hilman Shah. Son to Zainal Abidin Tun Sulaiman Ninam Shah. Enjoyed reading your blog. Can’t wait to show my father and let him read it. Im sure he would enjoy it. Hope to hear more from you soon uncle. Assalamualaikum.

    • Hi Hilman. You were so small when I met you. Your father is like my younger brother. A very good man. I have so many fond memories of your grandparents and I spent so many moments in their house. In fact makan tidur in the house. Many stories too, maybe later I would tell some stories of your grandparents, your uncles (I am close to all of them) and many events happening in the house. Your father knows this. Thank you for visiting my blog and I am glad you enjoyed reading the articles.

  7. zaimi jismi says:

    Im a muorian. So any stories abt my hometown I want to follow it. Ive read one or two of your stories and I love ’em! Long live Muor! 🙂

  8. Abdul Majid Jabbar says:

    Hi Din,

    I stumbled upon your book through my brother Hanafi. We all are neighbour with your cousin Tamal, Zainol, Razip and Halim. My father is as mentioned in your book as lagendry Master Jabbar. Actually he run the Muar Hana English School and not Maharani School. Maharani is owned by Tan Sri Manicakavasagam.

    When waiting for my MCE result I did learn some basic draughtsmanship with the late Ahmad Bin Hji Ariffin (Mat Ripin) and eventually proceed to take architectural after that. Zainal Sirajuddin was once his protege and also married his daughter as a package.

    When mentioned names most of them are my friends and some of them are still around. Dollah Satay is still around in JB and so Yusof Sepuloh Sen. Free time I did write my own memoir for my siblings.

    Why not procced for your second book and we will support you with indepth informations. By the way do you know Rumah Pasong Parit Paku? Well it is the present District Police Station. The big drain at the side of the police station is called Parit Paku.

  9. Hi Majid.
    Wow, so you are Master Jabar’s son and that makes you my second cousin. Thank you very much for your information. I mentioned your father on page 82 as I thought he was also responsible for opening up the school. On page 25, I mentioned the Muar Hana School and I know your father was likewise involved very actively. My uncle Aziz Hamid studied at the Muar Hana before proceeding to the High School.

    Your arwah father was close to my grandfather (his uncle) and used to drop by the house quite often. I certainly like to meet you in person one of these days.

    In the meantime, thanks for visiting my blog and happy reading.

  10. Abdul Majid Jabbar says:

    Thanks for your reply. Actually Din, I have this Haji Mohd Taib’s family tree given by your cousin Mohd. Kamal Bin Dr. Hamzah (from his second marriage with Khatijah Sidek). Our descendent actually are from Trengganu so call Jenang Riyon. I am glad to pass it to you where the vital information can be shared among us. You know how to get me.

    • Mohd. Kemal? I mentioned his name in my book on page 141. I was close to him when we were in standard six at the Sekolah Ismail School Two. Since then I have not heard anything of him. He has a brother name Hatta and an elder sister name Haryati. Where can I get in touch with him? I would be glad if you can get in touch with me at my hp 013 6041071. You can either call me or sms me. Thanks for getting in touch. .

  11. Salam Pak Cik,

    Did you recognise Sheikh Mohammad? appently he was a grandfather of mine and live in this house too!His son”my father” Zulkifli Bin Sheikh Mohammad.Just to ask you if you have any picture of him can you share it to this blog?thank you.XD

    • Salam Amirul,
      Of course I know Sheikh Mohammad. He was my uncle (married to my auntie Azizah Hamid, your grandmother). Your father Sheikh Zulkifli is my first cousin and therefore you are my nephew. Your grandfather (Sheikh Mohammad) was very close to me and I used to spend my holidays during the time when they stayed in Tangkak. Kirim salam to your father, I have not met him for a long time. Ask him to read all the stories, I even mention his name (Zul) in my story on the amazing ferry service. In my book, I have the picture of both your grandmother and grandfather. Salam.

      • Well thanks for the reply uncle. For me this was what I called “Miracle Ramadan” why? Because I just met my uncle with a great stories about my descendent and my grandfather and ancestors in other words “uniting with my descendents and my ancestors”.Who knows in future we will meet each other sometimes.

  12. Selen Ramesh Etican says:

    Hi Tuan Kamaruddin,
    I somehow ‘stumbled’ upon your blog and I have been reading your posts with interest for couple of hours now.

    Very interesting to me as Muar is my parents’ hometown. I grew up in Melaka but now that my mom has shifted back to Muar, I divide my time between KL and Muar.

    Tuan being a Muar High School boy, perhaps you might know my late father. The late Etican Ramasamy. He was in class of 1960, I think. He went on to be a successful lawyer in Muar.


  13. Selen Ramesh Etican says:

    Dear Sir,

    I ‘stumbled’ upon your blog and I have spent some time reading your posts.

    I find some of it most interesting. This is because Muar is my parents’ hometown. I grew up in Melaka but my mom has now returned to Muar so I actually divide my time between Muar and KL.

    As you are a Muar High School boy, perhaps you knew my late father. The late Etican Ramasamy. He was in the class of 1960, I think. He went on to be a successful lawyer with his firm in Jalan Petrie. My father passed away in 2010.

    Hope to hear from you and look forward to your posts.


  14. Selen Ramesh Etican says:

    Selamat Hari Raya to you, sir.

    • Dear Selen,

      Thank you for visiting my blog; stories that will always bring us back to those golden days. So your parents are Muarians, that’s great.

      I am sure your mum would love reading these stories too. Sorry to hear that your dad has since passed away, otherwise he would likewise enjoy reading them too.

      Have a good day, Selen.

  15. Selen Ramesh Etican says:

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, sir.

    • Thank you Selen.

      You mentioned your late dad was in High School in 1960. Was he in form five at that time? I was in form five in 1967 and if that was the case, then your dad was my senior. In those days, when you were five or six years junior, the seniors treated you like kids with running noses, hehehe.

      Muar town during my days was such a beautiful town (ask your mum). Tanjung was the beacon for teenagers and we would flock to Tanjung to enjoy the breezy wind. I am sure your dad being a lawyer would be a frequent visitor to the Tanjung Club. It was very exclusive those days and I would cycle in the evening watching the elders enjoying their brew. Besides the club was a playground and it was fun watching young kids on the see-saw, on the swing and playing around the field while fishing boats would pass by to make the scene more lively. Oh, I miss my old hometown.

      I am so glad that you enjoyed reading the stories. Bye and have a nice day.

  16. Selen Ramesh Etican says:

    Dear Sir,

    Yes, my late dad was in form 5 in 1960. One of his classmate in that year is Jimmy Chua Jui Meng, our former Health Minister. I remember my late dad was hostel captain and head prefect or something like that in Muar High School. He was a self-made man.

    He started his law practice as E. Ramasamy & Co. in 1971 after doing his law in Lincoln’s Inn, England. It went on to be a prominent law firm in Johor and its heydays was in the 1970s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s. My dad served as Johor Bar Committee Chairman in 2004, the first lawyer from Muar to do so. He was also in the Bar Council and served in several committees of the Bar.

    Yes, my dad was a frequenter of Tanjung Club. He was a very active Rotarian and served as Rotary Club of Muar’s President in 1976. He served as Rotary International District 3310’s Governor in 1993/1994. District 3310 consist of Johor, Melaka, Singapore, Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan, quite a big district. Rotary Club of Muar held its meetings at Tanjung Club those days. My dad served as Deputy President of Tanjung Club Muar and the Muar Golf Club for sometime, position of President is reserved for Muar’s District Officer, I think.

    His firm E. Ramasamy & Co. is still operating today and it is inside Bangunan KWSP Muar at Jalan Petrie, opposite the Traders Hotel ( formerly Bangunan UMNO ).

    How often do you come back to Muar? Perhaps we can have a cup of coffee when you are in Muar with some free time. Give me a buzz.

    019 – 656 7773

    • Hi Selen,

      Very colourful person your dad was. So E. Ramasamy & Co belongs to him; urban Muarians surely know this firm, I do.

      I travel to Johor Bahru quite often and sometimes I would drop by at Muar to have some bites. Would love to have a cup of coffee with you and maybe indulge in some meaningful conversation.

      What I have written about Muar is a very small fraction for there are many more interesting facts about the old Muar of the 50s and 60s. What I don’t have is time as my work is quite demanding.

      I think I have a few more of my books which was published in November 2013. Perhaps I will bring one along with me when I see you and give you as a gift.

      By the way how old are you and where do you live in Muar?

      Bye for now.

  17. Selen Ramesh Etican says:

    Dear sir,

    Yes, the late E. Ramasamy and his law firm E. Ramasamy & Co. was quite well known all over. It was well known not only in Muar and Johor but other parts of Malaysia as well. Most senior lawyers would know my late dad professionally, personally or by his reputation. He was quite notable for his litigation work in the Courts all over Malaysia.

    To say he was a colourful person is actually fitting. Apart from the various organisations that he was active in, he also had a pretty colourful personal life. The Muarians who knew him well would attest to that! Among the organisations he was active in are; Bar Council, Johor Bar Committee, Rotary International District 3310, Rotary Club of Muar, EWRF, Freemasons, Tanjung Club, Golf Club, Muar High School, Convent School Muar and several others. He served as Deputy Governor of Muar High School and was the Chairman of its former students’ association. He was also Convent School’s Chairman of the Board of Governors. To say that he had a very active professional and social life would probably be an understatement. I am still amazed and have always wondered how he juggled his busy law practice, managing his firm and involvement with so many organisations. Add in his colourful personal life and it is actually quite amazing, you know what I mean.

    Till today, many people in Muar will tell me tales about my late dad and some lawyers mentioned that no other lawyer in Muar has scaled the heights that my late dad reached. I find it an honour to be carrying his surname and of course, I am intimidated and awed by the big shoes of his.

    I was born and bred in Melaka, close enough from Muar and yet far enough to be in a bordering state. Reason being, my dad’s colourful personal life. My mom is the second wife so my dad made the wise decision for my family to be based in Melaka, far enough from potential issues and near enough for him to be with us at least once a week.

    My mom has since moved back to Muar, her hometown. She moved back in the year 2000. At that time, my younger sister, brother and myself were based in KL so it was the logical move for my mom to be closer to her relatives in Muar.

    I divide my time between KL and Muar nowadays. I am in charge of the family businesses headquartered in Muar and I also have my own work in KL. I live in USJ when I am in the Klang Valley.

    I am 36 this year, born in 1978. One generation younger than you, sir. Right? And I very much enjoyed your posts with stories from the past, something which I feel we the younger generation should know and appreciate. It is very important to know our history and roots.

    Look forward to meeting up with you, sir, either in Muar or KL.

    019 – 656 7773

  18. Tukiran Kitam says:

    Assalamualaikum Dato’ Kamaruddin, after i read your Lagendary Mr Jabbar this morning, it refresh my memories when i start work as Journalist for Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd, in 1981 after transfer from Batu Pahat branch office.
    I notice that Mr Jabbar always sitting and had cup of coofee or tea at kedai Ah Pong , Jalan Sulaiman, (now no more) and attend his client.
    One thing i still remember how he using type writer to type latter for their clients. A lot of people in Muar Town (Muo) those days looking for him to seeking help including court matter or goverment department .
    This guy have play the rule in Muar development in term of education.
    As retire journalist and choose to stay ini Muar for the rest of my life, your history writing is very important for future generation .

    Tukiran Kitam,
    former Utusan Melayu Reporter Muar, Johor.
    1 Sept. 2016, 8.41 am.

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